Make Your Own Back Massager

I was talking to one of my friends about back pain that I have chronically had for years. My lower back gets tweaked really badly, to the point that I can’t twist or turn or jump without pain. And sometimes – not often lately, thankfully – it is just not being able to move without pain period.

She then passed on a wonderful tip that a friend who is a chiropractor had passed on to her. I tried it one day when I was feeling a lot of lower back pain and it WORKED!


Here is what you need:

Two tennis balls (or, in our case we had racquetballs on hand)

A sock


That’s it.

Take your lovely tennis (or other) balls.

Place them into your sock. Tie a knot to keep the balls in place (I tied ours to give the balls a little room to shift around). It is a good use for an old soccer sock.

Lay your lovely sock ball massager on the ground and lay down with your back on top of it. Arrange the balls on either side of your spine, and start slowly pushing yourself to move the sock up and down your spine. It hurts a lot, at least for me, but is good, productive pain. After doing that until I didn’t have any pain spots left, I could stand up and turn and twist without pain. Hooray!

My 7-year old also has issues with knots in his back, and was VERY happy to use this.

Thank you, Cynthia! That is a back-saver. :)

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