Great Painting Tips – Hiding your Sample Colors & CRISP Paint Lines

These are a couple of GREAT paint tips from my mom. She is super effective, and is always up to some big project. Her current project (one of them) is trying to find new paint colors for their house. Here are a couple of things to pass on from her – the first is a tip for how to hide paint samples on your wall so you can still see them when you want, but they can “disappear” when you need them to; the second is a tip on how to get crisp paint lines. These are both things I need to learn and take to heart.

How to Hide Your Paint Samples (and still get them on the wall directly):

I think this tip is very clever, and is definitely a subtle solution when you are trying to figure out colors for your room…..

She just took the pictures down in her living room and painted the sample colors UNDERNEATH where the pictures hang. Ha! This allows her to check out the color in several different places in the room, but still lets her cover up her handiwork as needed and everything looks normal.

I love that. It is much better than what I tend to do, which is this:

My way is not so subtle. But it usually comes at a time when I am desperate enough to change the colors that I need a reason to force myself to do it. I’ll have to try the “sample hiding” way next time so it will give me some time to think about things. :)

Another trick that she has done before is to paint the sample on a piece of poster board so she can move it around the room to check the color in different lighting, but I personally like the “hidden, yet permanent” sample idea even better – you can still check different areas out, but have the paint be directly on the wall with the texture and everything.


Now, on to the CRISP lines:

Step 1: Use blue tape to get a clean line. Make sure that you press it down well.

Step 2 (this is the extra step that makes it all work): Take the color that is underneath (for example, if you are painting a wall and your ceiling is under the blue tape to keep it protected from the new color – you will want to use the CEILING color) and cut in using that color.

The idea behind doing this is that this will create a seal on the tape with the color that is already underneath it. If any paint leaks through the tape, it is the color you WANT to leak through – one that matches – instead of the new color. She did not use globs of paint here, just enough to seal the tape off. Let this paint dry.

Step 3: Cut in with your new color as you would normally do, and then paint the rest of your wall.

Step 4: Take the tape off as soon as you are done painting and be amazed – CLEAN LINE!! Wahoo! Make sure you take the tape off right when you are done painting. This will keep your new paint color from chipping off like it could if the paint dries before you peel the tape off.

Look at those clean lines – awesome!

Great job Mom! And thank you for the tips. :)

Handy Paint Containers

This is a tip that I found a couple of years ago from my friend Melissa @ 320*Sycamore. At the time, we were renting a house while going through school, and were not thinking about putting the money into painting something we didn’t own, but I LOVED the idea. So I kept it filed away in my brain, and used it as soon as we started painting things in our house.

It has been great for everyday life moments. Like when your son (who shall remain nameless) decides to use the knob on your bathroom cabinet door to hoist himself onto the counter and does it in just the right way so as to rip one of the hinges clean off of the cabinet. Here is the damage that remained after I re-screwed the hinge on:

Here is the close-up. The screws are one of my favorite parts there. And the dinged up paint.

Looks pretty classy.

BUT, the pain of repair is lessened because I don’t have to drag out my paint can, heave it open, and then debate as to whether I will dip my tiny brush directly into the can, or whether I should go through the pain of dumping the small amount I will need into a dixie cup. No – I know exactly what to do. Just pull my little handy paint container out from my laundry room. Hooray!

All you need are some of the inexpensive Rubbermaid containers, and the paint from your house. These containers are the ones with the lids that screw on so the lid doesn’t pop off if it gets dropped. When you’re ready to use the paint, you can just give it a shake to re-mix the paint, and it is good to go.

That’s all there is to it. When you’re done, you just screw the lid back on and put it back in the laundry room until the next accident occurs, or when you notice a spot that needs a quick touch-up.

Much better! Enjoy!

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