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My wonderful mother-in-law read my post on the homemade detergent, where I commented that I had hoped that the detergent would magically take the water stains off of my glasses (which it didn’t, sadly), and called and shared a tip with me.

She and I both got our sets of glasses right around the same time. When she bought hers, it was to replace a set that had gotten very badly water stained over the last couple of years. Ours were our first set of true glasses (after 7 years of marriage….). This was a little over two years ago. As a little “after” picture before the “before” picture, here is the good news of how things ended up when I was done cleaning the glasses:

And here is what they looked like BEFORE I was able to get them clean:

Yikes. Hard water is awesome, right? This is why I was hoping the detergent would be magical. This weekend, my mother-in-law decided to try and tinker around with things to see if she could salvage her glasses before buying a new set, and called me with her good news: she’d found it!

Here is all you need: some Lemi Shine and a Magic Eraser.

That’s it. Lemi Shine can be found near your dishwasher detergents at your local Target, Walmart, etc. It runs around $3.77 or so for a container.

Step 1: Fill your sink with water (lukewarm) and sprinkle in some Lemi Shine. I just filled the water up until the Lemi Shine granules I had sprinkled in were all dissolved. It was deep enough to cover maybe a third or half of each glass when laid down on its side.

Step 2: Roll the glass around in the water. I then just took a washcloth and rubbed inside and outside of the glass with the Lemi Shine water. This step alone was enough to get my glasses clean.

Look at that!!

Step 3: Scrub the Lemi Shine water off with dishsoap and water, and dry with a dish towel. Lemi Shine appears to be made of all-natural ingredients, so you may be okay with skipping this step. I personally don’t mind rinsing and soaping off something that calls itself a dish detergent booster, even with natural ingredients.

They look BRAND NEW!!! Hooray!!! Here is a reminder of what the glasses looked like before, next to what they look like now:

Wow. This is a VERY easy fix to something that was a big problem before.

I have some Pyrex and other glassware that had gotten water stained, but that I have had for almost nine years now and had some more stubborn stains to remove. Here is where the Magic Eraser comes in –

Step 4: While your stubborn glasses/glassware are in the Lemi Shine water, use a Magic Eraser to scrub some of the Lemi Shine water onto the stubborn spots. Here is a ring on the bottom of one of my Pyrex measuring cups. I have tried for YEARS to get this ring gone.

After a dip in the Lemi Shine bath, and a scrub with the Magic Eraser it is………

CLEAN!!!!! I am so happy! Aren’t mothers-in-law wonderful? Thank you so much for the tip!

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  1. I also found a homemade detergent that uses lemishine in place of the kool-aid, and I would imagine that the results should hopefully be similar and prevent the water build-up.

    • I will have to try that. I had done a load of dishes with lemishine and detergent, and it helped the glasses some (probably a 30% improvement), but didn’t clear them up. I think that would be great to try as a normal detergent instead of the kool-aid one. It would certainly work better than our normal store-bought detergent has worked, apparently. :) Thanks Jen!

  2. We use vinegar and get similar results. We started using homemade dish soap and noticed our glasses had more of a white powder afterwords. So, after the load finishes, I put in a 1/2 cup of vinegar (or more) and run it through an extra rinse cycle. They look really good!

    • We’ll have to try that! Now that I know what the glasses could look like, I’m all about preventing them from getting water stained again. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I do the vinegar thingy too. I just dump a bit in the bottom of my dishwasher every time and wash it like normal. It seems to work just fine!

  4. Hey Kat! Love your new blog :) Thanks for posting this. I tried it with marvelous results!!! Check out my blog for the pics! Hope you guys are doing well!

    • Good! Isn’t that crazy? I wish I could solve your wind problem too, but as you know I can’t even solve ours. LOL :)

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