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We are still debating as to whether or not we are actually going to use this, BUT I love the idea so I thought I would share it anyway.

I had seen this idea for technology tickets from Laurel @ Ducks in a Row, and thought it might be a good way for there to be more of a balance between my kids learning how to use media appropriately and understanding a bit more about the value of time, (hopefully) without my being either too strict with media or allowing it to turn into a too-frequent babysitter.

I modified it a bit, however, just based on my biases against certain forms of media. A ticket allows for one 30-minute TV show, or for 15 minutes of DS or computer games. The tickets can be combined for movies (ex. Tangled = 3 tickets since it is 100 minutes long). OR, the kids can save up tickets and at the end of the week whatever they have left can be changed in for $.50 each. This is a Kat idea. I would like to incentivize my kids NOT to use the tickets so that way they can make a choice of priorities that goes beyond “Do I use 2 tickets for DS or 1 ticket for Word World?” and leads to “Would I rather have the instant gratification now of watching a movie, or wait until the end of the week and end up $1.50 richer?” We’ll see how that goes. Here is the version I created:

You can make your own cards, or if you are interested in printing off cards like mine, here is a link to a powerpoint document to download – I printed mine 9 per page: MT 9 per page

After I printed the cards off, I cut them and had them laminated at Mardel (this links you to their locations). If you have one nearby and don’t know about their amazing lamanation prices – it is $.25/ft. of laminating. Steal of a deal.

Here is the finished, laminated product:

Like I said, we are still debating as to whether we will use these or not. I’ll keep you posted on what we end up doing, and our system for doing it (Does each kid use a card to watch Wild Kratts, or does one of the kids pay for all three? If each has to pay individually, what do we do if one child runs out – banish them to another room? If only one pays, how do we make sure that our oldest doesn’t always convince the younger ones to pay so he can earn money at the end of the week? etc.). It seems like it has a lot of good potential – we’ll just have to use trial and error to see what works if we decide to use it. We also don’t want to incentivize them to bring more media into their lives now since they are pretty balanced kids who don’t have a ton of that going on right now. It’s a balance.

Do you do something similar to this? How does it work for you?

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  1. Ooh, I love the idea of incentivizing them to NOT use their media tickets. We don’t do anything like this, but we don’t watch much television and we don’t have any gaming devices anyway. Still, I think this idea has a lot of potential and I can see myself wanting to do something similar, especially as my kids get older.

    • Yes – we are not huge media people either….that’s where my debate is. I want them to feel like they have choices, but I don’t want them to be doing more than they already are not doing now, if that makes sense. We’ll see….

  2. I started doing something like this with my two boys (age 4 and almost 2-although its really more for the 4 year old) and its worked great. I have to say it really has helped me more than I think its even done good for the kids. Its way too easy for me to get wrapped up in whatever I’m doing and let the TV babysit them and I can see my older guy getting a little addicted. Our tickets are worth 20 minutes (since our TV is netflix and most of the shows they watch are 20 minutes long) and they get one free one every day and can earn more by things like going outside for a certain amount of time, doing homework pages, reading books, helping mom, and pooping in the toilet (we’re still working on that one…sigh….) Its been great!

    • Thank you for the feedback! I like that you have one per day – that seems really reasonable and would fall within the realm of what we are already doing show-wise (Super Why and Wild Kratts are staples here). Good luck with the potty training too – that is probably one of my least favorite things in the world. I am not looking forward to facing that again with my youngest when she is ready. Meh.

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